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Three years.  In a blink of an eye.  Everyday my heart gets a little bigger taking in all that you are. You are sassy, and funny, and sort of a bossypants.  You are fearless and you are vulnerable.  You are … Continue reading

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Butter Broasted Carrots

They aren’t exactly braised.  They aren’t exactly roasted.  They’re somewhere in between…they’re broasted.  And they are exactly how I’m cooking up six pounds of carrots this weekend.  I know that sounds like a whole hell of a lot but between … Continue reading

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From us.  To you.  Merry Happy Everything. xoxoxo, Wendi, The Mistah, and Libby

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Today is your birthday.  Right now I am thinking back to one year ago when I flew down to make you birthday dinner.  I can’t recall what I made, except for the cupcakes…you know the ones I mean…the ones that … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays

From me and The Mistah to you.

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Flashback Friday – Peeps Show

The following originally appeared on 3/9/09 at Exit 51. Peeps Show What do you get when you mix Marshmallow Peeps with Pop Culture?  Not some freaky science experiment…step away from the microwave.  No, what you get is the third annual … Continue reading

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Coconut Rice

My earliest experiences with rice led me to believe that {instant rice + water + 5 minutes = done}. Later experiments with parboiled rice revised that equation to {pouch of rice + 90 seconds = done}.  While those certainly are … Continue reading

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Nigella’s Scallops with Pea Puree

  Most of the dishes I cook meet with The Mistah’s approval.  It is rare for him to provide negative feedback on a recipe.  But this one was a split decision.  I liked the slightly spiced pea puree.  The Mistah … Continue reading

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Why We Cook, Part 2

It’s been nearly a year since I wrote my Why We Cook post.  And it seems as though this journey is about to come full circle.  It’s essentially been a year of borrowed time that looks to be coming to … Continue reading

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As if my chocolate loving, coffee addicted self needed another new obsession….according to the NYT, there is now a coffee chocolate bar. I can’t explain the science behind it. But I want to try it. So let me just say … Continue reading

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