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Pub Portrait - Velvety and Close

You know how people grow and develop and change over time?  I’ve discovered that blogs can do the same thing.

Bon Appetit Hon had its beginnings back in 2007 as Exit 51.  I set it up as a means to keep in contact with my husband while he was overseas.  But as time passed, more and more of Exit 51 became about food.  What I was making, what I was thinking of making, what worked, and what failed.  Not to mention all the food diversions that the Internet threw my way.

So in 2009, just as Exit 51 was about to enter the Terrible Two’s, I decided it was time to make a change.  Call it growing pains, or an identity crisis, or whatever you like.  But to me, the name Exit 51 just didn’t convey the idea that it’s about the food.  And Bon Appetit Hon was born.

Exit 51 still lives on here.   And there will be links back to it since part of moving forward is always remembering where you’ve been.  I hope you’ll follow along and see where this journey takes us.

Want a guided tour behind the curtain of Bon Appetit Hon?  Read my conversation with Jennifer Walker of My Morning Chocolate for the story behind the stories.  It’s like VH1′s Behind the Music, blogger style.  But you get recipes instead of voice overs, hang overs, and mug shots. And you find out what I really think about “original recipe”…not in a KFC way (I’m devoted to extra crispy).

Welcome to my kitchen in Smalltimore.  Pull up a chair, make yourself at home, and Bon Appetit Hon.


8 Responses to About BAH

  1. msbutterton says:

    Lovely site, BAH – just saw you on the WP Page and happy I did. I’ll be back!


    • Wendi says:

      Sandy, (or may I call you Ms Cheesy McButterton?) so glad you found BAH. Thanks for the kind words and I do hope you’ll stop back soon.

  2. twistedvines says:

    Just found you blog,todays blog about friendships is just so,so true….love it..great blogging…:)

  3. Brenda Neuman-Sheldon says:

    Hi! It’s nice to finally meet you virtually 🙂 I love to cook (and eat) so this blog is right up my alley. I got kale, chard, and beets from the CSA, so I have been pretty heavy on the greens. I made a mushroom, kale, leek, barley stew on Sunday, and last night a stir fry of veggies, including the chard. I’m going to make a pan roasted sea bass with sauteed beet greens and a red beet sauce this week…and I now have a use for the golden beets!

    I look forward to seeing your posts.


  4. Found you from your comment at TKW—nice to know you in the virtual world, and thanks for expanding culinary horizons. Namaste, Bruce

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  7. Yinzerella says:

    Hi, hon!
    Found you while looking for retro recipes, which is my forte.
    Nice site. Am now following.
    Another Bawlmer Blogger.

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