Tug Of War

Pot Pie - After

Have I mentioned that I’m bad when it comes to sharing?  I must have missed that life lesson because in my mind, what’s mine is mine and you can’t have it.  I’m ok with some people borrowing things of mine, but it’s a pretty short list of approved borrowers.  And if I think there’s even a remote chance I won’t get it back, then the answer is no.   Of course,  if you’re willing to put up some collateral then we can negotiate an exchange.  Continue reading “Tug Of War”

Listen, Do You Want To Know A Secret?

Lentil Still Life

Do you promise not to tell?  I’d say I’m neither really good or really bad at keeping secrets. Sure, some are easier to keep than others. For instance, who really wants to know that when I was 13 I planned out every single detail of my wedding to Steve Perry? The combination of reading Judy Blume’s Forever and constant listening to the Journey album Frontiers set my teenage imagination into overdrive.  But other secrets, like Anne Burrell’s Stewed Lentils with Bacon, demand to be shared. Continue reading “Listen, Do You Want To Know A Secret?”