Flashback Friday – Where I’ve Been

Flashback Friday

The following originally appeared on 5/7/08 at Exit 51

Where I’ve Been

Silly me. I thought that after Scotland and once SFC was home I’d have all kinds of time right off the bat to sit down and share stories. That so has not happened.

I’ve only just today put the finishing touches on my Scotland pictures. As much as I think Flickr and Picnik are my new bff’s, they are needy and take a lot of time. So I think we need a break from each other for a while. But I don’t want them to feel unloved so please do mosey on over to Flickr and check out the pictures. There’s a direct link in the sidebar or you can use this link http://www.flickr.com/photos/pmf1852 Continue reading “Flashback Friday – Where I’ve Been”