Bread Bible Studies

Looks Can Be Deceiving

So I’ve officially started my Bread Bible Studies.  And I’ve specifically started with the easier recipes in the first chapter.  Quick breads, biscuits, popovers, they seem like things that I should be able to achieve given my general level of kitchen competence.  One thing I’ve noticed about Rose’s recipes is that I really need to read through them completely a few times before I start weighing, mixing, and baking.  And I also need to pay attention to whether I’m working in cups, ounces, or grams.  Because on more than one occasion I’ve discovered that even though I’m working in grams, I’m looking at the weights listed in ounces.  And the two are definitely not the same.  I don’t even want to imagine what the end result would be to using 5 grams of flour when I should be using 150 grams.  Talk about a (Cinnamon Crumb) Surprise. Continue reading “Bread Bible Studies”