Beet Chips

2010 has been full of my own personal food discoveries.  Not in the sense that I’ve discovered new food like some culinary Christopher Columbus or Neil Armstrong.  Although the mental image of me walking through the farmers market, claiming the beets and radishes and peas in the name of Bon Appetit Hon, and planting my flag is rather amusing.  I also don’t mean it in the sense of discovering the extreme cuisine of different cultures.  Traveling the world in search of culinary adventures isn’t my dream job. I don’t have the stamina or stomach of Anthony Bourdain.  I’m just a home cook from Baltimore who is trying to overcome some of my prejudices about what is palatable.

Take beets.  Until 2010 I would have said that meaning “please take them away from me, they are dreadful”.  But now, I mean they are a prime example of a food I have embraced this year.  I initially went a little overboard with the roasted beets and had to step away from them for a while.  But then the Universe found a new way to bring us together – beet chips. Continue reading “Beet Chips”