God Doesn’t Make Mushy Peas

Fresh Peas

There’s been some lively discussion among the Baltimore Food Bloggers recently about peas.  Not just any peas.  Fresh picked peas. From the Farmers Market.  To quote Noel of 990 Square, “And if you have never had peas from the pealady – you simply don’t know what you’re missing. These are the best peas ever. And they never fail to disappoint. These peas are to pea-experiences what the chicken I had in Florence was to eating poultry. A revelation. Am I exaggerating? Check out the line they garner every Sunday – it’s bigger than the Zeke’s line….. and doesn’t really die down until the peas are gone. People ask – why’s the line so long? And you know they have never had these peas. Because if they had, they’d be in line and not asking stupid questions. The line’s long; it’s because it’s good.” Continue reading “God Doesn’t Make Mushy Peas”