Modern Art

Jean-Michel Basquiat

There’s no picture of this dish because all the Picnik or Photoshop in the world couldn’t turn what I photographed into something pretty. Kind of like how I don’t see the “beauty” in modern art.  If you say it’s there, then I’m sure it is.  But I just don’t understand how splatters and lines and chaos on a canvas can be called a masterpiece.  I look at the Basquiat image above and have no reaction other than confusion.

I think this dish could be a food interpretation of modern art.  It involved a lot of splatters and some chaos and somewhere under all the mushrooms and Marsala is hidden beauty.  It has to be.  You just have to look hard.  Oh, that’s right, I didn’t post a photo. So I’ll let you draw your own picture.  Continue reading “Modern Art”