Next Stop, Alaska

BAH Note: I’ve “stuck” this post to the homepage as a reminder to me that I’m “this” close to getting on that plane and a general reminder that while I am away responses to comments will be sparse.  To see the latest of what’s being served up here at BAH, please scroll down.  As soon as I return, I will return this post to its upright and locked position back in chronological order.

Image from Lonely Planet

See that map up there? Two weeks from now that’s where The Mistah and I will be.  We’re staying in Wasilla, a town outside of Anchorage.  Maybe you’ve heard of it?

The Mistah is in charge of planning our itinerary.  We’ve talked about a boat tour out of Seward, a day trip to Denali, dog sledding (when there’s no snow on the ground they have the dog teams pull ATV’s), and if he can pull some strings with his extended family up there…an airplane tour.

I am beyond excited for this trip.  While I am away there will still be new recipes and tales served up here at BAH.  But I don’t figure that Sprint’s Now Network is going to give me internet service to respond to comments while we’re out in the vast expanse of the 49th state.