Food Memories – Aunt Jeanie and Mom’s Pancakes

Best Damn Pancakes

I can’t say enough wonderful things about this Food Memory contributor.  Josey has been my pal longer than I can remember.  She knew me during those awkward adolescent years, and doesn’t hold it against me.  Yes, I may have been a willing participant in the hijinks but SHE was the one that got us kicked out of the library.  To this day, I’ll never understand how it came across that I was the bad influence.

That moment aside, we balanced each others personalities.  I was loud and hasty, rash and a wee bit reckless.  She was quiet and thoughtful, focused and more reserved.  And we both were addicted to watching the Solid Gold Dancers.  We usually did it while on the phone together so that we could accurately critique the gold lame, big hair, and Marilyn McCoo.  See what I said about not holding my past against me?  Not only is she forgiving like that, she’s a superb story teller with her own blog (when she gets around to writing), an excellent travel companion when you decide to throw caution to the wind and fly across the Atlantic because you need to shake things up, and she’s got a recipe for the Best Damn Pancakes I’ve Ever Eaten.  I’ll let her tell you about them. Continue reading “Food Memories – Aunt Jeanie and Mom’s Pancakes”