Flashback Friday – Amazing Race (Maryland State Fair)

Flashback Friday


The following originally appeared on 8/22/08 at Exit 51.

Amazing Race (Maryland State Fair)

Sometimes in this life you gotta think on your feet.  By nature, I’m a planner.  I like to know how I’m going to get from Point A to Point B in advance.  When I plot out a route, I pretty much commit to it and dislike last minute change of plans.  This is one reason I would not do well on The Amazing Race.  You know the premise.  Put people in situations where they must overcome a series of detours and road blocks to reach their final destination.  The last to arrive face Philimination.  In the most unlikely of settings, I ran my very own Amazing Race – Maryland State Fair Style. Continue reading “Flashback Friday – Amazing Race (Maryland State Fair)”