Copper Study 1

Reduce.  Reuse.  Recycle.  We see those buzz words everywhere but how often do we consider how to implement them into our lives?  Recycle is easy thanks to Baltimore City transitioning to single stream recycling each week.  Sheila, you and I may not have agreed on much while you were Mayor but I would personally like to thank you for expanding the recycling program.

There are also great local resources like Free Store and Book Thing for other forms of recycling.  And even though I know I probably consume just as much as the next person, I’m hard pressed to find ways to reduce.  Although if you asked The Mistah, he’d say to start with the growing collection of purses and shoes that are taking over our limited closet space.  Ok, so reduce continues to be a struggle.

But reuse, that’s just the flip side of recycle.  What gets recycled by me today can get reused by someone else tomorrow.  Like that copper pan up there.  That tarnished beauty was hiding on a dusty back shelf in a Goodwill store.  After a good cleaning with Bar Keepers Friend, it was gleaming and bright.  All for less than $2.  So yes, it really does pay to be thrifty.