Flashback Friday – Sticker Shock

Flashback Friday

The following originally appeared on 8/5/09 at Exit 51

Sticker Shock

Last Saturday, the day after our carbolicous dinner party, we stocked up on supplies for the first week of our South Beach journey.  Good thing there were leftovers to fill me up before this trip to the store.  Looking at the grocery list as I navigated the grocery aisles, the hungries definitely could have tempted me to toss verboten items into the cart.  But I came prepared. Continue reading “Flashback Friday – Sticker Shock”

Morning Glory

Anyone who is:

  • A past roommate of mine;
  • A member of my immediate family;
  • A former overnight guest;
  • A former overnight host;

Will all tell you that I am NOT a morning person.  Unlike The Mistah who hears the first beeps of the alarm and bounds of out bed ready to start the day, I slap not one, but two alarms, several times each and every morning.  I protest and struggle to raise my head from the pillow.  I try and bargain for just a few more minutes under the covers before I have to face the day.  Ultimately, the alarms win out and I grudgingly make the bed, unable to win a single minute more snugly burrowed beneath the covers I’ve managed to reclaim from The Mistah’s side of the bed.  So you could say that I’m not terribly ambitious in the mornings. Continue reading “Morning Glory”