100 Things…Let Me Count The Ways

image from http://www.istockphoto.com

My own cooking isn’t serving up much inspiration at the moment, so I’m going to steal a page out of Perfection Salad’s playbook and see if I make the grade on the local food scene.  The list was compiled by readers of the Baltimore Sun’s Dining @ Large Food Blog.  Let’s see how many of these items I can cross off that list…I’ve lived in or around Baltimore my entire life but I think I may still have some work ahead of me.

  1. Have a jumbo lump crab cake from Faidley’s on a Saltine. I am substituting G&M for Faidley’s, so what?  It’s still a ginormous crab cake.
  2. Pick steamed hard shells at Mr. Bill’s Terrace Inn in Essex. I’m sure this was SUPPOSED to read at Bo Brook’s back when it was on Belair Road.
  3. Eat Bertha’s mussels.
  4. Drink a Natty Boh.
  5. Snack on a Berger’s cookie. Can I get double points since I’ve also made these? Continue reading “100 Things…Let Me Count The Ways”