Dining Out

The Mistah and I don’t go out to eat often.  Meals are usually served up BAH style at home.  When we do eat out, it’s usually someplace we know and love.  It’s a short list, but it’s also the places that we recommend whenever someone asks us where to go.  Recently, when I was trying to think of someplace to enjoy a casual evening out with fellow B’more Bloggers, my mental rolodex suggested RUB.

I’m willing to overlook the fact that they don’t have a pulled pork dish on the menu, because I’ve never had a bad brisket from these folks.  And the Texas Corn Pudding, featured on their Damn Good Sides menu, is just that…damn good. How can you go wrong with a combination of corn, egg, cream, onion, garlic and serrano?

I’ll tell you how, show up for dinner on a night when they’re not serving their regular menu.  Turns out that Sweet Mary, Kitchenography, Pigtown Design and I came on a Guest Chef night.  Instead of the usual ‘que, the menu was summer salads, seafood, and some seriously heavy steaks and chops.  So we dined on soft shell crabs, tomato salad, muscles and clams, and seafood potpie while we talked food, blogging, Baltimore, travel, and whatever else came to mind…like the idea that snoballs (not shaved ice or snocones) are a phenomenon seen in few places other than Baltimore.

If that’s true, I’m sorry.  A big Sky Blue snoball with Marshmallow on a hot summer day is one of my favorite things.  I promise that if you come to Baltimore during the summer, you can find one just about anywhere in the city.  And if you come to RUB on a non guest chef night, I promise they’ll be happy to serve up some big plates of Texas barbeque and damn good sides.

2 thoughts on “Dining Out

  1. So jealous! I’ve always wanted to go there!
    My sister lives in Austin, Texas, and their BBQ is AMAZING down there. I would live to try Rub and see if it measures up- but it sounds like it does!!!

    1. If I can’t get to Andy Nelson’s for pulled pork, RUB is my go to for brisket to satisfy my craving for ‘que. Although I keep hearing buzz about Big Bad Wolf over in Hamilton.

      The Mistah and I went to Austin for our honeymoon and made a special trip to Salt Lick. At the time, my interest in ‘que had not yet developed…too many bad memories of crappy grilled chicken with bottled barbeque sauce to really appreciate the skill that is authentic barbeque.

      Definitely make a trip to the end of Light Street. It may not be Salt Lick but it’s still mighty tasty.

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