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I’m starting a project for the blog that I’m calling Food Memories and I hope you can help.  I’m looking for recipes that have special meaning to you.  Maybe it’s something your family always had at Christmas or what your mom or dad made as a special treat, just because.  What is the dish that always takes you back to a happy memory?

If you have a recipe that you’d like to share, email it to me (or just click here) along with the memory or description of what it means to you.  I will make the recipe and post it, along with your memory, on the blog.

By sharing our food memories, we honor our personal histories and the people who made them real.  I hope you’ll join me on this special adventure down Memory Lane.

10 thoughts on “Share Your Food Memories

  1. this is going to be so much fun!

    you have my contribution, right?

    Just an aside thought and AHA moment for me anyway.

    Monday night I made chicken and Dumplings.
    Of course the spouse and I managed to have some sauce and chicken and carrots left. AS usual, the dumplings were of the historical variety. By the end of the night they were history!

    While the dog made puppy eyes at the leftovers, I dutifully put it in the refrigerator.

    Tonight’s adventure in food is to add mushroom, peas and shredded hash brown potatoes, a can of mushroom soup ( or some other thickening agent) and a crust.

    The spouse will eat anything and everything placed before him. It has to look good for me to partake. I will let you know the outcome of this week’s great experiment!

    BTW, do you take the pictures you include with your blog? If so, what kind of camera do you use?


    PS I am working up the nerve to make the poached egg and Canadian Bacon dish. I am as far as purchasing ramekins and I now have half and half in the fridge.

    1. Emily, I do have your contribution. It’s your cake that inspired this project of mine : )

      Good luck repurposing the left overs. I’ve never been gifted in that area. Who knows, maybe that can be the next BAH project after Food Memories.

      The photos on BAH are my work, other than those that I note as having come from somewhere else. I use a Canon Power Shot SD870IS. It’s just a wee point and shoot digital. One day I’ll work up the nerve (and cash) to upgrade to a digital SLR with fabulous lenses. But the Canon is pretty reliable for what I need it to do. I usually post the photos on Flickr ( after I’ve made something. You can get a pretty good idea about upcoming dishes by what’s on Flickr.

      Do try the eggs. Just be mindful to keep an eye on them while they cook. Tough, rubbery, overcooked eggs are never enjoyable. And believe me, you’ll find hundreds of uses for the ramekins. I use mine constantly.

  2. I have a few candidates for this one–but even more interesting, I think, would be the recipes that get passed down that never quite work…like my grandmother’s sugar cakes, or my grandmother-in-law’s boiled custard–maybe some of your readers would recognize and be able to fill in the blanks on some of these ‘secret’ recipes that were only passed down in part.

    Re: the ramekins…try them for individual lemon (or cheese) souffles….or bread puddings…

  3. I have a little SONY pocketsize digital. It goes everywhere and I mean tht. You never know when a great picture is going to pop up!

    I hadn’t thought of takingpictures of food. Maybe I can find a class or two. Worth doing right! Your pictures always look good enough to eat. The cake slice is superb and looks just like mommy’s!.

    I got a Canon SLR digital camera for Christmas. We are still getting to know one another and becoming friends. it has more bells and whistles than I am used to but it beats the heck out of the NIKON 35 mm that Ihated and it hated me!

    Ithink if I practice the egg dish it will make it to my hall of fame. Just a little practice. Practice Practice practice.

    Can’t wait for the Memories entry. Really!


    1. My digital camera goes everywhere with me too. One day I hope to make friends with a DSLR.

      Look for the cake post in January.

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