Rock The Boat

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I wouldn’t exactly say that we procrastinate here at BAH, but we cut some deadlines pretty close.  Thanksgiving is a perfect example.  It’s not like we don’t know it’s almost here but we just can’t seem to get our act together and decide on what to have.  So here we are at T-2 and unless we make some decisions, we might end up having cereal for dinner. 

Things would be decidedly easier if we were turkey eaters.  But we’re not.  Or at least I’m not.  The Mistah might be but until he offers to do the cooking, we’re a roast turkey free house.  In the seven years that we’ve been together, our Thanksgiving menu has never been the same.  We tried stuffed squash, mushroom pies, and lord knows what else but haven’t yet come up with our Thanksgiving tradition.

I remember how Thanksgiving at my Grandmother’s house changed once she stopped doing the big dinner.  The whole production had gotten to be too much for her.  For the better part of fifty years, she’d made her share of turkey,  gravy, dressing, mashed potatoes, macaroni salad, deviled eggs, cranberries, rolls, and pies.  The woman clearly deserved the right to make a change.  She decided to have spaghetti instead and anyone who wanted turkey would just have to find it somewhere else.  As much as I missed walking out of her house with Cool Whip containers full of deliciousness, I was thrilled that she had found the courage to rock the boat.  Maybe I come by this sass honestly after all.

That change planted a seed in my head.  And it grew into the belief that it’s not the food that makes the holiday.  It’s the gathering itself.  So I refuse to be locked in to someone else’s vision of what Thanksgiving “should” be.  I will be thankful for those who share our table, thankful for the food we enjoy, and thankful that I won’t be too tired at the end of the day to enjoy it all.

So after some last minute decision making, we’ve decided on:

  • Ham (outsourced, of course)
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Cheesy Drop Biscuits
  • Stuffed Mushrooms
  • Cheesecake

That’s our plan and we’re sticking to it.  What will you be serving up?

And if you happen to have any leftover dressing, let me know if you need help getting rid of it.  I will even provide my own Tupperware.

9 thoughts on “Rock The Boat

  1. I thought Bryan and I were the only ones who dislike the big turkey dinner. A few years ago we had lasagna, juggaluccias(not sure of the spelling, basically gnocchi, but that’s what my Italian grandma called them)salad, and it was by far my favorite T-giving meal. This year we’re headed to OC and we’re eating at the Hobbitt, who will be serving their entire menu in addition to the traditional turkey dinner. Enjoy your ham!!

    1. Celina, it’s funny how many people are speaking up to say that they don’t get into the big turkey dinners. The first time you say it, it just feels wrong. But that goes away pretty quickly.

      Enjoy your Turkey Day get away. And please give a big hello to your family for me.

  2. I have learned that as regards leftovers, after years of trying to remember whose dish was which, and then forgetting to return them anyway I have hit upon the perfect solution.

    I do not have the seemingly ubiquitous cool whip containers, I do have plenty of zip lock bags. If you take leftovers from this household they will be zip locked and disposable.

    I also find these freeze well and travel just as well.

    Just a thought

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