What Would David Lebovitz Do?

Bouchees Chocolat Au Yaourt

I’ve made the Cracktastic Matzoh Crunch.  I’ve made the Coffee Ice Cream.  I’ve even made the Strawberry Frozen Yogurt.  All without incident.  So why? Why David Lebovitz? Why did the Bouchees Chocolat Au Yaourt ruin our perfect streak?  Because that’s what we were together, perfect.  Up until now, you never let me down.  You were my magic bullet, my genie in a bottle.  You were Superman with a whisk (faster than a rolling boil, more powerful than a double espresso, able to whip egg whites to stiff peaks in a single bound). Larger than life you were in my eyes.  But now, I see that you are just a man who makes me ask, “What would David Lebovitz do?”

Because nothing in your recipe mentions that when you mix the liquid ingredients with the dry ones you get clumps.  And I don’t mean a few little clumps.  I mean great big gluey flour clumps.  Superman sized clumps that could hold up entire sheets of wallpaper, or at least a small border.  All the recipe says is stir lightly a couple of times.  I did that and all I got was bigger clumps.  Do I risk tough cakes by overworking the batter to banish the clumps?  Or do I risk biting into a gluey clump of flour in an otherwise lovely little snack cake?

Tell me David Lebovitz?  If you were me, what would you do?

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