7 thoughts on “12.25.09

  1. Merry Christmas from the very cold, snowy and windy city

    Hope you and the Mistah are blessed in the coming year

    Ps I am busy filling tins with Scooby Snacks for family to munch while waiting for the DINNER and of course the coconut cake.

    1. Thanks Emily. Hope you had a very happy holiday.

      How’d the Scooby Snacks go over with the family? And did you take any pictures of your coconut cake?

  2. DUH! guess who forgot to bring the camera MYBAD!

    Scooby snacks went over well. Even my gramma liked them. I found pretzels shaped like stars and bells so it was even more Christmassy. the little kids just thought it was good chocolate and peanut butter? who can go wrong?

    thank you for the idea. I am still working on my candied pecans maybe next year

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