DIY Valentine

Stop whatever you are doing and mosey on over to Shutter Sisters for this DIY Valentine template (Photoshop required).

Do you think it would take the whole food theme too far if my Valentine to The Mistah had a picture of a chocolate cake instead of a pretty picture of us?

10 thoughts on “DIY Valentine

  1. @ Beth – My birthday is February 12th too. And I despise Valentine’s Day as well. It ruins it every year. Whether it was the heart-shaped cookie cakes or the V-day cards instead of B-day cards or that my friends ditched me for my 21st birthday to go on dates… I think that marketers should be completely ashamed of themselves and everyone should boycott it.
    I’ll send you check – you tell Noel his birthday drink is on me. πŸ˜‰

    1. Oh my, I never knew there was so much angst about February 14th. Well, yes, of course I did but I blamed it all on being the ultimate Hallmark Holiday. And the candy hearts. I hate candy hearts.

  2. I think having the birthday before v-day is like having the birthday before Christmas…no good having the holidays bundled into one! And poor Noel has it especially rough, he and his brother both have birthdays on Feb 12 (no they’re not twins) so he had to do extra sharing.

    Noel is angling for a Smith Island Cake with crushed peanut butter cups between the layers. I think he’s scared of red velvet after he saw how much food gel dye went into the wedding cake!

    1. Oh no, poor Noel. He seriously has the same b’day as his brother and they’re NOT twins? My father in law’s b’day is December 26th. We joke that he gets the left shoe for Christmas and the right shoe for his b’day.

      I think Noel certainly deserves seven thin layers of cake with crushed reese’s cups in between the layers. Are you feeling adventurous enough to try making it?

  3. heck yeah I’m feeling adventuresome enough! I may need someone present to talk me off the ledge if something goes wrong, but I don’t meet many baking challenges I’m not up to πŸ˜‰

    1. Beth, I love your spunk. The idea of seven thin layers is enough to make me run. Feel free to put my number on speed dial in case you need moral support during this challenge…or a margarita after!

  4. My mom used to bring home a 7 layer chocolate cake from some place she worked. It was decadent. 7 very thin yellow layers of cake with semi sweet chocolate icing between layers and on top. they don’t make ’em like that anymore

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