Food Memories – THE Hot Milk Cake

THE Hot Milk Cake

Back in September, I put out a call for folks to send me their food memories and recipes.  I said:

“I’m starting a project for the blog that I’m calling Food Memories and I hope you can help.  I’m looking for recipes that have special meaning to you.  Maybe it’s something your family always had at Christmas or what your mom or dad made as a special treat, just because.  What is the dish that always takes you back to a happy memory? Continue reading “Food Memories – THE Hot Milk Cake”

Introducing Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday
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I’ve been thinking for a while how nice it would be if I had my posts from Exit 51 here at Bon Appetit Hon.  Actually, what I’ve been thinking is how much I wish I would have just been all BAH from the start of my life as a blogger but there’s no changing the past, only moving forward.  So to kick off 2010, I’m introducing Flashback Friday.  Each Friday I will feature a post from Exit 51.  My terminology over there was slightly different so please translate Exit 51 as BAH and SFC as The Mistah.  Without further ado, I give you Flashback Friday! Continue reading “Introducing Flashback Friday”