SNOMG 2010


I’ll share a secret with you…I don’t typically blog in real time.  I’ve got myself a nice little backlog of posts all written and scheduled to magically appear here on BAH Monday through Friday.  That explains why some of my recipes may not be “in season”…it’s easier just to set things to publish and not worry about whether I’m talking about Christmas Dinner in February.  If anything, it breaks up the routine.  It’s unexpected.  But there are times when you just have to cut the line and talk about the obvious.  Like SNOMG.  Or Snomageddon.  Or whatever you’ve taken to calling the freak of nature that has engulfed the MidAtlantic.  It cannot be ignored.

How could it?  Government office are closed.  Schools are closed.  Stores are closed.  Mass transit has shut down.  Mail is not being delivered.  Trash is not being picked up.

We each cope in our own way.  Me, I’m doing my thing in the kitchen when I’m not outside wielding a shovel.  Let’s look at what I’ve been cooking up for your reading enjoyment:

Retro Cinnamon Cake

Nigella’s Beef Stew

Beth’s Chicken and Rice Soup

Salmon with Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

Apple Almond Coffee Cake


Homemade Hot Chocolate

And the rest of the week looks like this:

Penne with Mushrooms

Char Siu Pork

Frizzled Beef and Macaroni

Beef Pot Pies

Cinnamon Bread


Chocolate Cake

I’m guessing that by the time SNOMG moves out of here, I will be carrying around 5 extra pounds from all those sweets.  What about you?  How are you getting through the storm?

Dara has opened up a cooking help line at the Dining Examiner.  Got a question or quandry?  Send it to OR on Twitter @daracooks and we’ll see if one of Baltimore’s Food Bloggers can provide an answer.

7 thoughts on “SNOMG 2010

  1. I made the Retro Cinnamon Cake yesterday and it was excellent! Today, I reached the point where I can’t bake, cook, or braise anymore. The storm has defeated me. All I want is a meal out, even if it’s ordered from my car and comes in a paper bag. SNOW MAS!

    1. Kathy, glad you tried the cinnamon cake. Wasn’t it crazy easy to make?

      I’m getting close to my breaking point as well. My neighborhood gets no love from the plows so I’m guessing my car isn’t going to try to get out until the weekend. 

      The first thing I’m going to do when I get out is mosey down to Chick FilA. And then it’s off to the grocery store to restock.

  2. you made my chicken soup! What did you think?

    I don’t think I’ve gained anything…did you know that shoveling burns 400+ calories an hour? I figure I’ve done at least 12 hours of shoveling in the last five days, plus a walk to safeway, a walk to whole foods, and some serious sledding in Patterson Park. All of those cookies were honest refueling!

    1. Loved the soup Beth, it was a lifesaver. I wrote a post about it. Think it’s scheduled to publish in April…when hopefully the reminders of the snow are otherwise long gone.

  3. What a great picture.

    I totally feel as if I’ve been doing nothing but cooking and eating since the snow began, and I know I’ve gained weight despite walking in the snow and shoveling the snow.

    And as thrilling as it was last week to contemplate a whole unscheduled 5 days off frm work, I am more than ready to go back.

    1. Thanks Julie. It’s amazing how snow can transform just about anything into something beautiful.

      SnOMG came right after I had been out of work for most of a week recovering from sinus surgery. Between the two, I’ve missed nearly two weeks. Cabin fever does not begin to describe how I’ve been feeling.

      I’m thrilled to be out of the house and away from the mixing bowls.

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