Flashback Friday – Patience Grasshopper

Flashback Friday

The following originally appeared on 10/11/07 at Exit 51

Patience Grasshopper

Life is filled with ‘hurry up and wait’ right now. With SFC being away I hurry up and wait for phone calls or emails. And with the renovation that took months to begin, I hurry up and wait to get my house back in order. At least I know that one of those things should happen in the not too distant future. That’s because in the last two days, two major milestones have been reached.

Appliances have been delivered. So what if they’re sitting in the middle of the dining room? They’re here and ready to go. It was quite something to watch the delivery guys haul away our old stove down the wickedly steep back steps. If our house had been built today, there’s no way those steps would be up to code…too dangerous.

And the countertop has been installed. What can I say, it’s beauteous. When the new lighting is installed and shines down on that beautiful black stone, it’s really going to be something. Best of all, we have more counter space now than before. By using a smaller stove and sink, we gained about a foot of counter. In a tiny kitchen, every inch counts.

Now I’m hoping that we pick up some momentum and get the rest of the work wrapped up because I’m pretty tired of all this waiting.

5 thoughts on “Flashback Friday – Patience Grasshopper

  1. ah, the hurry up and wait. I’m not very good at it, and then I get sad that I miss life in all of that hurry uping. Sometimes we just have to sit back and take it as it comes.

    I know you’re not doing new posts right now, but I did pass on the Creative Blogger award to you this morning 🙂 You’re so creative with all of your different meals, it keeps me thinking I need to mix up our routine more!

    1. Beth, I absolutely suffer from chronic hurryupandwaititis. But I am trying to be more deliberate and in the moment.

      Thank you for the award. It totally brightened my morning.

  2. I recommend you for “Hottest chef in Baltimore” award.

    And that’s not just another Major Award.

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