Spring Cleaning

"Belgian Brownies"

I’m spring cleaning the recipe folders.  One of the challenges to this is deciding when it’s time to say that I’m just not going to make a recipe and get rid of it.  Admitting that I’m never going to get around to making something is like admitting defeat.  And I don’t like to lose.  So I find myself hanging on to some of these recipes out of pride more than anything else.  But is that any way to live?  Is it better to be bogged down by the weight of things untried because it’s easier than letting them go?  I think not.  So Belgian Brownies and I finally gave it a go. And in an unkind irony, we realized that we really didn’t get along so great after all.  After almost  four years of hanging around, biding our time, and waiting, we didn’t click.  Now that we’ve gone our separate ways, there’s room in my folders so I can jump into The Sweet Life In Paris recipes without feeling like a complete jezebel.

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