I’ve got a google reader set up to follow along with a whole slew of blogs. Every so often I’ll read something online that makes me stop and say hmmmm. Or laugh out loud. Or genuinely touches me in some way. And I’ll think to myself that I should post links to these things. And then I’m distracted by some bright, shiny object, or a recipe for the world’s best cake frosting, or the weekly Lost chat over at the Washington Post (how I will miss you), and I promptly forget all about it. So this is me remembering not to forget to send out some link love.

How To Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You @ The Oatmeal – If you’ve ever had a cat, you know it’s the god’s honest truth.

A Random Grab Bag @ Wendi Aarons – She says the things I wish I were witty enough to even think.  Did she really work Samuel L. Jackson, Barry Manilow, and The Golden Rule into a single narrative?  She sure did.

Help Me Help You @ Pastry Methods and Techniques – At what point in recent history did good manners and common sense become obsolete?

Unexpected Love Bomb @ LoveFeast Table – I can’t find the words to say how this touched me. Just go read it.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program, already in progress…

13 thoughts on “Randomness

  1. I, too, am often distracted by bright and shiny objects. Glad you appreciated the post. I hope good manners never become obsolete, and I’m trying to help their cause. 🙂

    1. For real, there ought to be a course in common sense. Not saying I would pass it but I’m thinking it couldn’t hurt. And while the idea of etiquette may seem as quaint and outdated as rotary dial phones, when will people realize that stuff never goes out of style? (she says wagging her index finger at the young whippersnappers)

  2. Aw, thanks for the mention! I really appreciate it.

    Once we meet in person in NYC this summer, you will also be pleased to note that my personality and sense of style are sort of random, too.

    The Other Wendi

    1. Wendi, I’m planning on bringing cookies to NYC so that even if my socially awkward randomness frightens people just a bit, they’ll want to be my friend anyway. Who doesn’t want cookies, even if they come from a crazy lady?

  3. Wendi-pants, thanks for sharing these. I love to see what others love in the big wide world of internetting… you found some gems. 🙂

    1. Boo, I think this list shows that my interests, like everything else about me, is completely random.

  4. Apparently, both of our cats want us dead. But Noel has always thought this…he just thinks they’re waiting to grow thumbs so they can open the container with their food 😉

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