I Will Stalk You Until I Get Some Beets

There’s a secret, darkly obsessive side to my blogging.  It has to do with seeing who visits BAH and what posts they read.  And by who, I don’t mean I see anything like Jane Doe at 123 Main Street, Anytown USA visited at 10:39 this morning.  But I can see visitors’ IP addresses, general geographic location, and pages they have clicked on.  I can also see what search terms someone has plugged into the search bar on the site.  Two weeks ago I opened up my StatCounter and found the above search queries.  Clearly, someone was in a hurry to find a beet recipe.

I laughed so hard that I cried because this had The Mistah written all over it.  He:

  1. Knew I could see the search terms.
  2. Had asked for a beet recipe on behalf of a coworker.
  3. Had been told that my one and only beet recipe would post on 30 June.

When I called him, laughing so hard that I could hardly speak, he pointed the finger at his coworker.  Seeing as how I would be stalked until I gave up the goods, and that waiting until 30 June wasn’t really an option because the coworker needed a beet recipe NOW, I went ahead and sent it along.  And really, that kind of persistence needed to be rewarded.  Don’t you think?

I’ve since had a lovely email exchange with the searcher.  I hope she comes back once the beet recipe is accessible (that would be tomorrow for everyone else) and posts a comment about how it worked out for her.  And I hope you’ll come back tomorrow and check out the roasted beet recipe that may, or may not, be worth stalking a food blogger.

9 thoughts on “I Will Stalk You Until I Get Some Beets

    1. Emily, not to sound all childish and whatnot but if there were an emoticon for ick scrunched up face that’s how I’d answer that question.

      My mature response is, no, not pickled beets.

  1. Emmie is rolling tryoing to picture scrunched up faces like the spouse when my mother serves pickled beets ( stored in a mustard jar she has had since like 1957) Emmie likes pickled beets but can’t make them worth a damn.

    but emmie has just bought a jar of red cherries amd replaced 1/2 the liquid with vodka ala San antonio friends! Firecrackers for the 4th !

  2. Wendi, how do you get all of these stats? I’m already obsessed with my WordPress stats, but I can’t see where everyone is from.

    Also, great beet story!

    1. Jen, I have StatCounter installed on my blog. That’s how I get my PI groove on.

      Glad you liked the story. There is truth in writing about what you know. Because I could not have made that up.

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