Food Memories – Panini For Lunch

Soup and a Sandwich

Tracy of Amuse Bouche for Two usually makes me long for things like tomatoes and mozzarella.  Or pasta in a mushroom and cream sauce.  Or just pasta.  But she has been holding on to a food memory that I think we all have buried somewhere in our collective unconsciousness. Because I know that I have a tuna melt food memory and I’m betting that you just might too.  Here’s Tracy’s: Continue reading “Food Memories – Panini For Lunch”

Flashback Friday – Ice Cream Man

Flashback Friday

The following originally appeared on 5/8/08 at Exit 51

Ice Cream Man

Spring will soon give way to summer and nothing says summer quite like ice cream. I’m continuing my David Lebovitz thread with a modified version of his recipe for Coffee Ice Cream. Feel free to use whole milk instead of half and half. Either way, be prepared for some mind blowing, brain freezing, good ice cream. Continue reading “Flashback Friday – Ice Cream Man”

Steak and Oh My Gravy

I’ve mentioned a time or two, or twenty, that I have a reality television affliction.  I blame it on cable and Tivo because before they came into my life, I happily turned the boob tube off and read books or called people.  Or got off my couch and actually left my house.  Ok, maybe not so much that last one.  I know I need to take responsibility for my actions, and make healthier choices, so I have quietly started to break up with some of my mental junk food, deleting season passes out of Tivo.

Like falling in with the “wrong” crowd, getting hooked on reality television programming is a slippery slope.  It started innocently enough for me. Wonderous treasures on Antiques Roadshow. Stir fry on Yan Can Cook. Homesteading drama on Frontier House. Power tools with The New Yankee Workshop. And happy little trees and clouds with Bob Ross.  PBS was my commercial-free gateway drug into reality television. Continue reading “Steak and Oh My Gravy”

Like A Virgin

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For reasons that I don’t quite understand, this blog is feeling more and more like a confessional.  Sure, I’m resting on a cushy Aeron chair instead of a hard wooden kneeler.  And I’m staring at a computer screen into the digital abyss instead of through a confessional screen into the face of absolution.  The sounds of NPR or Pandora  Quick Mix, not the church organ, float about the room.  The room, which is bigger than a rest room stall, is not shrouded in darkness.  Instead, it is bathed in bright sunlight.  So if blogging is my confessional, does that mean cooking has become my religion?

Forgive me my sins, for I have been touched for the very first time…by rhubarb.

Continue reading “Like A Virgin”

Thank You For Being A Friend

Cooking can be a metaphor for so many different aspects of life – success, failure, love, loss, just to name a few.  Today I’d like to consider cooking as a metaphor for friendship.  I’ve been “friending” longer than I’ve been cooking.  And by “friending”, I don’t mean the passive Facebook friendships where you amass a posse of people, your virtual friends, who you may or may not interact with in the real world.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled to have been “friended” by people I’ve known for ages and managed to lose touch with over the years.  But to me, reading a status update about somebody’s Farkle score or latest additions to Farmville doesn’t feel like a true friendship. Continue reading “Thank You For Being A Friend”

Flashback Friday – Where I’ve Been

Flashback Friday

The following originally appeared on 5/7/08 at Exit 51

Where I’ve Been

Silly me. I thought that after Scotland and once SFC was home I’d have all kinds of time right off the bat to sit down and share stories. That so has not happened.

I’ve only just today put the finishing touches on my Scotland pictures. As much as I think Flickr and Picnik are my new bff’s, they are needy and take a lot of time. So I think we need a break from each other for a while. But I don’t want them to feel unloved so please do mosey on over to Flickr and check out the pictures. There’s a direct link in the sidebar or you can use this link Continue reading “Flashback Friday – Where I’ve Been”