Flashback Friday – Today’s Count

Flashback Friday

The following originally appeared on 7/2/08 at Exit 51

Today’s Count

If you read my July 1st post, you are already aware of my problem when it comes to collecting recipes.  Just to illustrate how in need I am of an intervention, I thought I’d share with you the recipes I found today.

Easy Doughnuts from The Amateur Gourmet
Lower Fat Deep Chocolate Bundt Cake courtesy of A Mighty Appetite
Slow Braised Beef Short Ribs – a test recipe for CI
Chilled Teriyaki Glazed Salmon and Jasmine Rice Salad from the Washington Post
Oven Fried Onion Rings and Well Done Hamburgers on A Charcoal Grill from Cook’s Illustrated
David Lebovitz’s Green Tea Ice Cream as posted on Use Real Butter
Shortuct Basil Aioli at Orangette
Chocolate Butter Cake and Vanilla Buttermilk Cake at Smitten Kitchen

That would be 11 recipes going home with me today.  And I didn’t even include the Paul Deen poundcake that slipped out of my printer yesterday.

When will I have the time to actually make these?  Who knows…except that I do need to test the Short Ribs and respond to CI before the 9th…thank god for a deadline.  But the next time I’m looking for something to do with Salmon, I’ve got a plan.

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