Office Hours

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I’ve been toying with the notion of changing the hours I keep here at BAH. Something about my experiment with posting Monday through Friday has made my hobby feel more like an obligation.  Much like I can walk past a sink full of dirty dishes and tell myself the dishes don’t exist, I’ve been mentally ignoring the blog, pretending I don’t see the empty spaces that need to be filled.

So instead of a new offering being served up M-F, the BAH kitchen will be open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  It feels like I’m back in college, trying to find the perfect scheduling combination that will let me avoid 8am anything and still get done by 2pm so I can get back to my apartment to watch the As The World Turns.

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12 thoughts on “Office Hours

    1. Kitch, 5 days a week just burned me out and left me with nothing to say. When I really didn’t want to come back after my blogcation, I knew I needed to make a change. Just need to keep telling myself ‘I can do it, I can do it’.

  1. 1. i used to plan my class schedule around soaps too! I was a Days of Our Lives & General Hospital girl. (diff. networks but i blame the various babysitters i had growing up…)
    2. the 2-3x/week schedule works great, you know my fillers are restaurant reviews & just general assclown pix. it keeps me amused and NOT BURNED OUT.

    1. My soap schedule was established by my grandmother during my early days – The Young and Restless and As The World Turns. Of course, the network threw The Bold and The Beautiful in the mix when I was in high school. But As was the only one I tried to keep up with in college because of its timeslot.

      Funny how I was just saying that I thought I’d cut back at the first of the year. And then I realized that I was out of backlogged posts. So I decided no time like the present! I have no idea what I’m going to have ready for next week. Thank god Friday is taken care of for the next year and a half with my Flashbacks.

    1. Ali, I have no illusion that the new hours will result in better housekeeping. Only hiring a housekeeper will result in a cleaner house. Thank god I don’t have Jeff Lewis level ocd about that.

  2. I would probably faint if you showed up in robe and slippers. That would be one heck of a plane ride! LOL! No curlers?

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