Flashback Friday – Staycation

Flashback Friday

The following originally appeared on 7/22/08 at Exit 51


Tilghman Island
Tilghman Island

What do you do when you’ve maxed out your vacation for the rest of the year but you want to get away? Why, you take a staycation. Despite all the current buzz, the concept is not new. It’s being a tourist in your own town, city, state, etc.

On Friday, we ventured down to Tilghman Island for the weekend. It’s not as far as the Ocean but it’s worlds away from the City. We stayed at the Lazyjack Inn where Cap’n. Mike and Miss Carol produce one heck of a breakfast. Local this, organic that. All homemade. And all good. The polenta cakes and heirloom tomatoes were summer on a plate.

Saturday afternoon found us on their boat, Sharps Island, for a lighthouse tour. In the course of about four and a half hours, we saw five different lighthouses – Sharps Point, Thomas Point, Sandy Point, Baltimore Light, and Bloody Point. It was an amazing experience. In addition to the tour we took, they offer sunset tours as well as a lighthouse trip that involves going inside one of the operating lighthouses.

Sharps Island Lighthouse
Sharps Island Lighthouse

Thomas Point Lighthouse
Thomas Point Lighthouse

Sandy Point Lighthouse
Sandy Point Lighthouse

Baltimore Light
Baltimore Light

Bloody Point Lighthouse
Bloody Point Lighthouse

Then, since no trip to the Eastern Shore is complete without seafood, we made our way to one of the local restaurants to sample some. My lobster ravioli with shrimp and crab in a creamy rose sauce was so good that I was too busy eating it to bother taking its picture. You’ll just have to imagine its creamy goodness.

On the drive back to the City, we stopped at a local produce stand hoping to find some of those beautiful heirloom tomatoes. Sadly, the best we could do was some local peaches. I’ve got visions of fresh peach ice cream once those beauties finish ripening.

11 thoughts on “Flashback Friday – Staycation

    1. Kitch, I think a lighthouse in a landlocked state would be unusual. But no more so than the biggest ball of aluminum foil or any of the other “roadside attractions” that I would be drawn to like a magnet.

    1. Believe me Beth, as nice as it was to have the room cleaned and breakfast made for us every morning, it’s always more comfortable when you’re in your own place. Besides, what if you want to stay in your pj’s all day? Can’t exactly get away with that in polite company. And that staycation wasn’t exactly inexpensive.

  1. There are so many beautiful areas to visit in MD. It must be nice to live so close to water.

    I love the Staycation concept. It’s so easy to take your own city for granted. I’ve lived in the DC area my entire life and haven’t even been to the Lincoln Memorial…I need to change that.

    1. Ali, I’m soooo guilty of not taking advantage of the resources in my own city. And as easy as it is to get to DC from Baltimore, I should be ashamed of how little time I’ve spent down there.

      Wait, you grew up around DC and your school never took you on a trip to the monuments? Wow, I never would have figured that.

      PS – Hope you have a fantastic birthday.

  2. Speak no more Wendi….., you’ve uttered the hallowed words “lobster ravioli with shrimp and crab in a creamy rose sauce”
    …. there could not possibly be more to rave about than that I concur 😉
    Fun idea (one I always forget to do too) have a staycation …., must do it… need a break.

    1. Anna, that ravioli was rich and sinful and delicious. Exactly the kind of thing I would never make at home. A perfect a staycation dinner.

  3. I have a lighthouse wall……..need some more pictures to frame…no lighthouses near here but lots of ADOBE! I had a shrimp cocktail in san antone city last week. the cocktail sauce had avocado minced in it and lots of lemon OMG! need lighthouses! need shrimp cocktail!

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