Quick Brioche

I’ve been making progress on my Bread Bible Studies.  I’ve had two very satisfying wins recently thanks to Miss Rose and my confidence level working with yeast is a little better than it was.  So when I saw a recipe for Nick Malgieri’s Quick Brioche posted on Piece of Cake, I decided to give it a try.  What sealed the deal for me is that the recipe called for the food processor to do the heavy lifting and there was minimal kneading involved.

Note to Recipe Developers and Cookbook Publishers: If you develop your recipe using a ginormous food processor, you may want to include that detail somewhere in the recipe.  It will save me a whole lot of heartache.  And cursing.

The reason for that aside is because this dough completely overwhelmed my run of the mill Cuisinart.  It got under the blade assembly and oozed out of the work bowl down onto the (very technical jargon ahead) stem thingy that makes the blade spin.  If you’ve never experienced this, having to remove sticky bread dough from a sharp metal blade and from a narrow plastic tube is no freaking fun.

Once that disaster had been cleaned up and the dough made it onto the counter for a bit of kneading, my outlook improved.  The dough was responding and I had a decent shot at turning the near miss into a save.

I portioned the dough into two loaf pans and set them to rise while the oven heated.  I baked.  I cooled.  And I tasted.  Technically, I was successful.  My efforts were rewarded with two loaves of bread.  But I think what I managed to produce might have been better utilized for something like french toast than topping with butter or jam.

I wonder if Mr. Malgieri gives private instruction on how to master his Quick Brioche?

27 thoughts on “Quick Brioche

  1. This sounds like a job for Colossus!

    Good job though facing those yeast fears. Soon you’ll be showing the yeast who is boss.

    1. Jennifer, this really was a job for colossus. Made a huge freaking mess. I still think yeast is the boss…and it knows that.

      1. I use this recipe all of the time and have not had that experience with my regular old food processor. I wonder if you might have used instant yeast in the amount suggested for active dry yeast. That would account for your explosive results.

  2. The brioche recipe in Artisan Baking in 5 Minutes a Day is easier, and can be halved. I use the dough hook on my Kitchenaid; making the dough takes less than 5 minutes, and there’s really no mess.

    And it tasted wonderful. Best brioche I’ve ever eaten.

      1. Honestly. Get yourself a copy of Artisan Bread. You’ll wonder why people use any other method. There is no kneading involved, most of the dough rising is done in the fridge, and once a batch is ready to go, most doughs can hang around for a week or more until you get around to baking them.

        1. Minx, I’ll have to add it to my wish list. Been clearing room on the bookshelf so you never know when I’m going to want to add to the collection.

    1. Kitch, you had a starter explode? And you haven’t shared that story yet? Girl, what are you waiting for??? That’s pure blog gold right there.

  3. I love following your breadventures, Wendi. They remind me of one of my earliest addictions, Super Mario Bros. With each attempt, you’re getting closer and closer to beating the Yeast Boss and rescuing that perfect loaf of bread from the 350 degree castle.

    1. Ali, I think I stand a better chance of busting through Angry Birds Poached Eggs Level 21 before I get the bread thing right. I expect both to be protracted processes ; )

      Like your Super Mario analogy.

      1. dear, it took me two weeks of trying to break thru level 21 of the poached eggs level. after watching Devin do it like ain’t no thang. when i finally did pass, i thought of you and how you were faring!

  4. well looky at you! so very proud of you. i have not attempted bread baking since .. oh february… tell me your cuisinart is ok??

    1. Cuisinart survived…but it was touch and go for a while. I know if I take the time and commit to the brioche in TBB, I’d probably have superb results. Apparently, I can’t commit.

    1. Anna, bread is definitely my Achilles Heel. Thanks for letting me know that I’m not the only one who suffers from this condition…it can even happen to trained professionals.

  5. I had a laugh at your overwhelmed food processor. This bread sounds like it would also be good as bread pudding. Congrats on your lessening fear of yeast!

    1. Jen, I think bread pudding would have been a great use for this brioche. And I’m sure you were laughing {with} me, not {at} me…right?

  6. I finally conquered my yeast bread fears a year or two ago… And now I make bread almost every week. Once you get a feel for it, it will just be natural. If you want some easy recipes to try, let me know. 🙂

    1. Jen, I figure it’s like riding a bike…once I get it, it’s a skill I’ll never lose. Clearly, I’m still in the training wheels phase…or maybe I haven’t even graduated from a tricycle. To that end, I’d love to get your recommendations for some recipes that will help me in this challenge.

    1. Robyn, I hope the Quick Brioche does not try and take over your food processor the way it did mine. I think this would be an excellent bread to make french toast.

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