Flashback Friday – Pleased To Meet You

Flashback Friday

The following originally appeared on 9/29/08 at Exit 51.

Pleased To Meet You

Happy birthday blog.  You’re officially one year old.  Well officially, you were one year old last month.  I’m just a little late with the party.  Your card?  That must have gotten lost in the mail.

So in the year that I’ve been rambling about this and that, I have absolutely no idea who is reading this.  No, that’s not right.  I know that Miss G and Frau Poshizzle stop by.  But who the heck are the rest of you?  I know somebody’s coming here, wordpress tells me so.

See, there’s this stat function that tells me how many visits I get on any given day.  It also tells me whether visits were direct hits (somebody does have us bookmarked!) or if it was the result of a search of some kind.  The oddest string someone has used to get here  was toxic-plants-berries.  Yeah, I don’t get that one either.  Clearly, they took a wrong turn somewhere.

But the thing it doesn’t tell me is who is on the other side of the computer screen.  And I’m dying to know.  So if you’d be so kind as to drop a quick comment and say hello, I’d be much obliged.

22 thoughts on “Flashback Friday – Pleased To Meet You

    1. The very first BAH post was dated 7/27/09. I really hope BAH doesn’t develop a raging case of the Terrible Two’s this year.

  1. My name is Brooke. I like taking long walks, drooling over bacon and inhaling ice cream. I have a thing for my camera. And I’m going to kidnap you on May 15th from the Louisville airport!!

  2. I’m Lori. I can’t remember if I found you or you found me, but Twitter (and the Left Over Queen) were the conduits. I’m in Southern California and suspect one day our paths may cross at a blogging conference. In the meantime, I enjoy your posts and Tweets!

    1. Lovely to meet you Lori. It’s so nice to put names and blogs to the faces on twitter. Are you participating in the BHF11PP? You should, last year’s online Pity Party was a riot.

      Happy belated blogging birthday.

  3. Miss G swingin’ by to say “happy birthday” to one of the loveliest home-cooked food blogs I know of.

    This calls for cake, does it not?

    1. Howdy Miss G….one of my long time readers. Cake is a must but it should probably wait until the next BAH B’day in July. Would be quite stale otherwise.

    1. Anna, I wish I could remember how you and I found each other. It’s not like I’m an international sensation…just yet.

  4. Hi Wendi! I’m Sarah. Our mutual friend, Lan, directed me in your direction! I’ve been having a blast browsing through your posts!

    1. Howdy Sarah. Glad you’ve enjoyed catching up on the goings on here at BAH. The next time I see Lan, I will have to thank her for sending you my way.

  5. Adam and I can always count on you to make us smile and/or make our hearts just melt. Although, I must say, we are slightly concerned with the ‘toxic-plants-berries’ thing 🙂

    ~Joanne and Adam (Official Bon Appetit Hon Readers)

    1. Adam and Joanne, the two of you always inspire me. I know this journey will take us some interesting places. I can’t wait to see your journey unfold.

  6. Not sure how I originally came across this site, but I like the cleanliness of the messages and the mouth watering recipes! They are ‘real’ recipes I can make without too much trouble, too – that is the best part!

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