Shameless Self Promotion

Remember that moment at the end of Steel Magnolia’s when Spud surprises Truvy with a second beauty salon and she exclaims “I’m a chain!”?  Thanks to Etsy, I’m having my very own Truvy moment.

See, after my chardonnay and stress induced meltdown about the state of our finances in relation to the adoption process, I decided that I could either w(h)ine about it or I could try and do something about it.  I guess you can figure which choice won out.

My shop is officially open for business over on Etsy where you can purchase custom note cards featuring original images used here on BAH as well as some of my favorite non-food photos.

I won’t try and sell you on the idea that buying from my Etsy shop is going to stimulate the economy.  Sure, your order means that I will continue to purchase supplies and materials from other vendors, thus feeding the economy like a hungry sourdough starter.  But that’s a cheap sales tactic.  I am hoping that the images speak for themselves.

Seriously, look at the baby goat staring at you up there?  Doesn’t that face just make your heart melt?

I never said I was above emotional sales tactics….so click on the link above, the Etsy badge on the sidebar, or bookmark

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9 Responses to Shameless Self Promotion

  1. Good luck with your new Etsy shop! You have some great images!

  2. Jenna says:

    Great idea! I hope your corner on etsy is a smash hit. =)

  3. Wendi, I wish I had checked in here yesterday. I just bought a pack of thank you cards from the book store, but I would have much rather had these. I head to your Etsy shop next time.

  4. Best wishes on the opening of your new shop. I am sure it will be a hit! BAM

  5. katie o. says:

    Good for you for taking the Etsy plunge! So much fun! And a Truvy moment? That’s awesome!

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