Happy New Year


For most of my 41 years, I was someone who was chronically early and organized.  I got tasks done before they were due.  I would show up at least 15 minutes early for an appointment, date, or event.  Suitcases were packed days before departing on a trip.  The table was set the night before a dinner party.  You get the idea…I was on top of my sh!t.

But since our Tater Tot arrived in July, all that went out the window.  The basic functions of our household still manage to get done…just not always in the timeliest manner.  I like to think of it as adopting a fashionably late attitude towards life.

So in that vein, I would like to wish you a fashionably late Happy New Year.  I am eager to see what 2013 brings as the year unfolds.

PS, Libby I hope that you will see the humor in this picture.  Your dad and I made sure you were safe at all times…but boy did we have fun with this one.

12 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. i am torn between thinking this is the cutest thing i’ve ever seen and thinking it’s mean. mostly, though, i think she is so cute that i want to eat her up.

    1. I promise, this was done with much much love. And you could feast quite well on those chubby thighs. They are like turkey drumsticks.

    1. Oma, I waved to you as we drove through NC last weekend on our way back from FL. Of course, it was the dead of night and most reasonable people sleep in those wee hours. As a middle child, I have vowed there will be a plethora of pictures of this girl.

  2. I love this picture, and this sentiment. I, too, was a chronically organized and timely person until we had our baby. Now, I can’t seem to get anything done on time. Case in point: Yesterday a small funeral had to start 10 minutes late because I couldn’t manage to get my family there on time. Sometimes you just have to shrug and realize that 10 minutes isn’t going to make a difference in the grand scheme of the universe.

  3. Jacki, there is something to be said about letting go of some of my need to feel in control so that I can enjoy these moments with Libby.

  4. How could things ever be the same with such a beautiful addition to the family? I know my life has changed and I’m just the Papa. I can’t believe how much I love Libby but I love that I do. I look forward to watching her grow and so look forward to the day she says “Hi, Papa”.

    1. We are working on getting her to say Papa so that we can surprise you during a FaceTime chat. It makes my heart smile to watch you with her…thank you for loving her as much as you do.

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