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Random Recipes You Need

I’ve been digging around the junk drawer that is my draft folder.  In a concerted effort to clear out the mental clutter, I’m posting this drafts ‘as is’…. This is the final installment of my draft folder clean out.  These … Continue reading

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Red Pepper Tomato Sauce

I have a news flash for you…life with a one year old is pretty freaking chaotic. Pick me up, put me down, catch me, chase me up the stairs, read me a book, let’s play picnic, BANANA! Put that on … Continue reading

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#1 Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

Thanks to watching too many episodes of BBQ Pitmaster, The Mistah and I have started referring to ourselves in a rather bizarre third person way.  I’ll try and explain.  On each episode there are three new competitors.  They have a … Continue reading

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While The Mistah and I don’t exclusively eat South Beach cookbook recipes anymore, I still keep my eyes open for SB Friendly recipes on the Interwebs.  What can I say, the SB approach really has worked for us.  I still … Continue reading

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It’s A Major Award

Anyone who has ever been a roommate of mine can attest to the fact that I have an unnatural, almost freakish compulsion to watch A Christmas Story (ACS) anytime it is on television.  The Mistah learned this the hard way … Continue reading

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