It’s A Major Award


Anyone who has ever been a roommate of mine can attest to the fact that I have an unnatural, almost freakish compulsion to watch A Christmas Story (ACS) anytime it is on television.  The Mistah learned this the hard way one Christmas Eve as I sat glued to TNT during their 24 hour ACS marathon.  That man, he puts up with a lot without so much as a complaint.  He just went down to the basement where he had days worth of European Soccer games waiting for him on Tivo.  Nothing says Happy Holidays like quality time spent in front of the tele.

Anyway, back to ACS.  The first time I saw it was in college.  The Student Events Board was showing it for free.  College. Free movie.  It was a no brainer.  I went with a boy.  Which is kind of odd because it’s really not a date movie.  But my memory has me and Donnie Russell sitting in a darkened Lecture Hall IV.  Oddly enough, that’s the same Lecture Hall where I slept through most of an entire semester’s worth of Classics In German Cinema.  The Mistah was there too, in German Cinema, not A Christmas Story.  But I didn’t know it at the time.  All of this is a long way to say that I’ve seen the movie many, many times over almost twenty years.

The other thing any of my former roomies can tell you is that I quote movie lines.  I try not to interfere with other people’s enjoyment of movies but I just can’t help myself.  The obvious line to quote from ACS is “you’ll shoot your eye out”.  Everybody knows that one.  But would you know that if someone randomly said, “it’s a major award” that they were quoting Ralphie’s dad when he won the hideous leg lamp?

Tacky leg lamp aside, I know how Ralphie’s dad felt.  Thanks to Joanne and Adam over at Inspired Taste, Bon Appetit Hon has received a Kreativ Blogger award.  I’m thrilled to pieces.  Best of all, I get to pass the award on to seven other bloggers who I think deserve recognition.  I believe everyone deserves to have a ‘major award” moment in their life…and if you’re lucky enough, it looks nothing like a glowing leg.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Thank the person who has given you the award
  2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog
  3. Link to the person who has nominated you for the award
  4. Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting
  5. Nominate 7 other Kreativ Blogger
  6. Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate
  7. Leave a comment in the nominated blogs to let them know they have been nominated

So without further ado:

Thanks Joanne and Adam!  I put the logo right up there, at the top, you can’t miss it.  Please do visit Inspired Taste.  I wish I was half as creative in the kitchen as they are.

7 Things About Me

  1. I got my driver’s license when I was 16 but I didn’t have a car until I was 25.  Do you know what it’s like to try and get a week’s worth of groceries home on the bus?
  2. I once took a prescription for Vioxx to the pharmacy to be filled.  The pharmacist gave me Viagra instead.
  3. For 5 years, I volunteered for my sorority.  I even served BRIEFLY as the National Provisional Member Director.  If you knew me in college, especially if you were in the chapter with me, you would understand the irony of that fact.
  4. I’ve broken my collarbone twice in the exact same spot.  My brother was responsible for both injuries.
  5. I’m scared of the broiler.
  6. I was fired from my first full time job after college…Thanks Susquehanna Bank HR Dept for three months of hell and shattering my self esteem!
  7. I went to two high schools.  The one I graduated from is the oldest all girls public school in the nation.  Or so they told us.

Now that you  know a little more about me, I pass the Kreativ Blogger Award on to:

  1. Sweet Mary
  2. Amuse Bouche for Two
  3. The Kitchen Witch
  4. Stories of My Secret Self
  5. Food In Jars
  6. Alexandra’s Kitchen
  7. Imperrfections

8 thoughts on “It’s A Major Award

  1. That is very sweet. Thank you so much! Btw…A Christmas Story is one of my all time favorites as well. Whoever thought of the 24 hour marathon is a genious. 🙂

    1. The beauty of the 24 hour marathon is that you can walk away and come back later to finish the movie.

      And thank you for being an awesome blogger. Maybe I should come up with a graphic of the leg lamp and launch my own It’s A Major Award. Of course, that would require me to be competent in graphic design. Guess I’ll stick to cooking : )

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