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Food Memories – Panini For Lunch

Tracy of Amuse Bouche for Two usually makes me long for things like tomatoes and mozzarella.  Or pasta in a mushroom and cream sauce.  Or just pasta.  But she has been holding on to a food memory that I think … Continue reading

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Easy Peasy

Tracy at Amuse Bouche for Two introduced The Mistah and I to these Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies. I think you ought to make their acquaintance as well.   The Mistah said, “I’ve had peanut butter cookies before and these are … Continue reading

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And The Award Goes To…

When I listed seven things about myself in my Kreativ Blogger post, I omitted a very important fact…I always follow directions, unless I don’t want to.  Then I make up my own rules.  Pretty convenient, huh?  I mean, when it … Continue reading

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It’s A Major Award

Anyone who has ever been a roommate of mine can attest to the fact that I have an unnatural, almost freakish compulsion to watch A Christmas Story (ACS) anytime it is on television.  The Mistah learned this the hard way … Continue reading

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