And The Award Goes To…


When I listed seven things about myself in my Kreativ Blogger post, I omitted a very important fact…I always follow directions, unless I don’t want to.  Then I make up my own rules.  Pretty convenient, huh?  I mean, when it comes to important stuff like traffic laws, anything having to do with electricity, or the ratio of vodka to tonic in my drink, I’m a completely by the book kind of girl.  But where I think I can get away with it, I’m a little more free with my interpretation of the guidelines. I got to thinking about this when I had to give the KB award to seven other bloggers.  Why seven?  Why not as many as I want to recognize?

When I remarked that I should make my own blog award with the leg lamp from A Christmas Story, and call it A Major Award, I really was being cheeky.  And then all the sudden, I wasn’t.  I started asking myself a whole lotta whys…why can’t I make my own award, why do I have to wait for someone else to recognize the bloggers that I think do an awesome job, why do I have to follow someone else’s rule?

You hear it time and again during the Oscars, Emmys, and Golden Globes…it’s an honor just to be nominated.  That may be true, but it rocks to walk away with the statue.  To that end, I’m launching the It’s A Major Award! awards.  And I’m making up the rules!

The “It’s A Major Award!” is an award by bloggers, for bloggers.  You know, because so far, there’s not an Academy Award for best supporting blog post.  If they ever award that one, we will happily retire It’s A Major Award!  The only requirement to receiving It’s A Major Award! (IAMA!) is that someone thinks you have an awesome blog.  Period.  End of story.  No fine print, no special restrictions.

The rules are pretty simple, if you receive the award and you choose to accept it, you are asked to:

1. Post an entry on your blog that displays the IAMA! logo and links back to the person who gave you the award.

2. Name as many other blogs as you like that are deserving of an IAMA! award.  But in doing so, you’ll need to say a word or two (or more) about what makes them awesome.

3. Include links to the blogs you are giving the IAMA! award.

4. Leave a comment in the newly awarded blogs letting them know that they have been recognized with an IAMA! award.

5. That’s it.

I’ve been handed the envelope, and the winners of the first It’s A Major Award! awards are:

Booshy – because she is fearless and tells it like it is.

Shutterboo – because her photos are to die for.

Amuse Bouche For Two – because it was responding to her comment that got the wheels in my head turning to do this.

Christine Can Cook – because yes, she can cook damn it.

Pigtown Design – because there’s more to life than food.

This Fish Needs A Bicycle – because she’s the story teller I wish I were.

Use Real Butter – because everything’s better with pretty pictures.

HowChow – because somebody’s got to tell me where the best places to eat are.

Pioneer Woman Photography – because she’s the total package, blogger, cook, photographer.

22 thoughts on “And The Award Goes To…

    1. I agree Shutterboo is totally deserving. Heck, I wouldn’t have my nifty lightbox if it weren’t for her. And I do hope that I was able to convey that IAMA! is about fun. And breaking the rules from time to time : )


  1. I am like…I cannot believe I won a LEG LAMP.

    It’s way better than an Academy Award (this statement may or may not have been said, depending on if I receive said award).


  2. Jessica, nothing says you’re a winner like a glowing gam. It’s tacky AND fun! But I mean that in the best possible way. Hallmark doesn’t even make a card like that.

    But if they do, I would like this disclaimer officially on the record to say that I was unaware of the existence of any such material. I get kinda creeped out and paranoid when I see hits from multi-national law firms lurking in my stats.

    Of course, they could decide to leave a friendly little comment to let me know that they’re here for their own personal enjoyment and not because they’re working on a case for The Man that somehow involves squashing little old BAH.

    But I digress.

    So glad you get the spirit of the IAMA! Your enthusiastic response really made my day. I was starting to think that maybe it was a terribly misguided idea after all. It still may be, but at least someone else thinks it’s awesome.

    Now, like the line says from one of the many sorority songs that I still remember, Pass It On.

  3. I won an award?? I can’t believe it!! Who to thank?? First I’ll thank my family for not believing in me and forcing me to show them how good I can cook- HA! Second I’d like to thank my boyfriend for being a guinea pig (sorry about that Stir-Fry again) and sometimes sous chef. And last, I’d like to thank Wendi, who beyond this award (which is so awesome I can’t wait to put it up on my website!!!) is also challenging me with her food memories project and really showing me how cool a blogging community can be (isn’t that why we do this? To create community?). So thanks so much Wendi!!! Now I need to go call my family and rub it in… not only can I cook- but I got an award too!!!

    1. Christine, shout it from the mountain tops…you got a MAJOR AWARD!

      I do believe that there are some truly awesome, talented people who fly under the radar in life. Fortunately, blogging gives us all a chance to shine. My thought is that we do it because we love it. But it never hurts for someone to say they appreciate what we do. And if it can be done in a cheeky way, even better. Thanks for your excitement over the IAMA! If you want a larger scale version of the logo, just let me know. I’m happy to hook you up.

      I’ve got your penne and vodka recipe on the menu for next week. Looking forward to looks of bowl licking goodness.

    1. Jessica, I do, on occasion, shoot off my mouth at very large, well represented targets which can lead to interesting visitors checking things out at BAH. It really causes more anxiety than it’s worth.

  4. Tracy – I’ll see your “I can’t put my arms down” and I’ll raise you one “Daddy’s gonna kill Ralphie”.

  5. Well darn! By the MOTHER of all cusses, I am glad I get to read such interesting and certainly not dry and stuffy blogs!

    Thanks Ladies! this is fun!

  6. Thanks Miss Hon! Now I just have to figure out how to pass this on…

    BTW, ACS is my FAVORITE holiday movie. I watch it every year and now that I have it all Blu-Ray, I’m in heaven.
    …and while we’re on the subjects of leg lamps, there’s an ugly lamp contest in the KY state fair every year. And you usually see one of these numbers:
    Kentucky State Fair: Ugly Lamps

    1. OMG that lamp is awful…but in a good way. I’m surprised we don’t do something like that here in Bawlmer.

    1. Emily, please consider yourself also awarded an IAMA! for being an awesome fan of BAH. Your comments are always encouraging and rewarding.

  7. having won an IAMA in the FAN category is a humbling experience as well as something to crow about. I thank you from 1/2 a continent away!

    Next time i see those lamps in a catalog ( WHAT ON EARTH had them ) I am getting one to put in my front window providing Minnie Sue ( cat does not object) the spouse may be another story!

    looking for something new here really makes my day. As cold as it is here something WARM needs to make my day. Starbucks, here i come!

  8. Thanks for the award, Wendi. That’s so nice of you. I don’t participate in these types of awards just because I don’t have the time to keep track of them all, but you’re so sweet to give them out!

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