Chocolate No Bake Cookies

I don’t have very many food hangups but the ones I have are well established.  I will not eat pickled beets, pickled herring, liver and onions, tacos, sushi, or fudge.  It’s a very random list and there really is no connection between the items other than I will go out of my way to avoid eating them.  Donuts used to be on that list after working at a donut shop in high school.  I would leave after a shift and the smell of donut grease was on every strand of hair, every fiber of my clothing, and even my shoes and socks.  After a very long estrangement, donuts and I are finally back on friendly terms.  In that example, the food hangup was the result of being exposed to the food for prolonged periods.  However, sometimes the food hangup predated any long term exposure to the target food so that the eventual exposure was made all the more painful.  Fudge falls squarely into that category.  Continue reading “Chocolate No Bake Cookies”

Food Memories – Aunt Nellie’s Candy

Have you met Shutterboo?  Well you should.  She takes incredible pictures and is disciplined enough to complete one photo assignment each week.  She also did that fantastic tutorial on how to make a light box which led me to make my own.  She’s got a wicked sharp sense of humor and the warmest heart.  The girl has one flaw, I could not get her to send me a Food Memory. Continue reading “Food Memories – Aunt Nellie’s Candy”

And The Award Goes To…


When I listed seven things about myself in my Kreativ Blogger post, I omitted a very important fact…I always follow directions, unless I don’t want to.  Then I make up my own rules.  Pretty convenient, huh?  I mean, when it comes to important stuff like traffic laws, anything having to do with electricity, or the ratio of vodka to tonic in my drink, I’m a completely by the book kind of girl.  But where I think I can get away with it, I’m a little more free with my interpretation of the guidelines. I got to thinking about this when I had to give the KB award to seven other bloggers.  Why seven?  Why not as many as I want to recognize? Continue reading “And The Award Goes To…”