BAH’s 2009 Christmas Cookies

***Update*** Hey y’all, WordPress has featured this post on their front page today!  I hope this means a wee bit of Bawlmer and Bon Appetit Hon will find their way into kitchens around the world. Thanks for the love WordPress.

Ok class, I hope you all read the assigned material because today we’re having a pop quiz.  Answer the following multiple choice question.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, BAH:

  1. Painted the bathroom
  2. Made a cheesecake for the first time
  3. Pigged out and then repented by making vegetable soup
  4. Made an at home version of a classic Baltimore cookie
  5. Attempted to recreate Grandma’s stuffed peppers
  6. All of the above

In classic, overachiever, BAH style, the answer is ‘All of the above’.  That doesn’t surprise you does it?  Given the number of tasks that were undertaken, the success rate was pretty high.  The bathroom didn’t go quite as expected and will be seeing another round of painting as we try and correct both poor advice from the “experts” at Home Depot and our color selection.  But everything else counts as wins.  Stuffed peppers, cheesecake, and vegetable soup will all post after the holidays.  Today though, we’re talking cookies.  Berger Cookies. Continue reading “BAH’s 2009 Christmas Cookies”

Berger Cookies

berger cookies
image from

If you’ve ever spent any time in Baltimore, you’ve most likely heard of, and perhaps experienced, the phenomenon that is Berger Cookies.  For those of you not intimately acquainted with cakey, fudge topped goodness of the Berger Cookie, you have my condolences.  Because they are epic.  Really.

I came across a DIY Berger Cookie recently on  Now, my experience with at home versions of store bought classics tells me that it’s a crap shoot.  Sometimes, the ends justify the means.  Other times, it’s a total bust.  But I’m willing to give Berger Cookies a chance.

Those of you on my Christmas mailing list down in Florida, I don’t want to get your hopes up but if these work, Santa (or the mailman) may be bringing you a taste of Bawlmer in time for the holidays.

My thanks to My Little Kitchen for the use of her photo.