Flashback Friday – I Am

Flashback Friday

The following originally appeared on 7/14/08 at Exit 51.

I Am

My own worst enemy.  There I’ve said it.

In anticipation of a crazy week, and because the line at the deli had twenty people ahead of me, I tried to cram several cooking projects into one short Sunday.  By the time the lower fat, vegan friendly, deep chocolate cake came out of the oven, I was well into pasta sauce for baked pasta, and had yet to begin the chicken or mushroom cream sauce for a casserole (think chicken and cream of mushroom soup bake with rice…only WAY better).  Somewhere between assembling the baked pasta and furiously trying to reduce the creamy mushroon sauce, I lost all enthusiasm and most of my patience.  And the cake had yet to be dressed. Continue reading “Flashback Friday – I Am”

Food Memories – Anne’s Birthday Butter Cake

In the world before Facebook, Anne was one of the few people from my days as an awkward adolescent that I kept in contact with.  She introduced me to Jane’s Addiction and Kudos Chocolate Chip Granola Bars and I introduced her to driving a stick shift.  I’d say that was a pretty even exchange.   Here’s her food memory, which shows that not all our food memories are old and dusty sitting on a shelf in the back of our minds. Continue reading “Food Memories – Anne’s Birthday Butter Cake”

Thinking Outside of the Box


I’ve had 38 birthdays in my life so far. My favorite one was when I turned 30 and friends threw me the only birthday party I’ve ever had. What I remember most was how much fun everyone had, not just me. The entire night was filled with laughter, especially after one guest hit what turned out be a panic button in the bathroom and building security came to make sure no one had fallen but couldn’t get up. Continue reading “Thinking Outside of the Box”