Flashback Friday – Get Yo’ Pie On

Flashback Friday

The following originally appeared on 7/23/08 at Exit 51

Get Yo’ Pie On

I’m not one to spread rumors.


According to their web site, the Hampden location of Dangersouly Delicious Pies is open.

Maybe after the non-national retail chain repair service appointment on Saturday (after that fiasco, I found a local company who was more than happy to have a live person make an appointment with me that I have every expectation will be kept), the mistah and I can make a run into Hampden for some Dangerously Delicious Pie.

But maybe I should call first.  Just to be sure they are in fact open.  So if you call and get a busy signal, that would be me jamming their lines so you think they aren’t open and don’t come and eat all the pie before we get there.

Sadly, in the time since this first posted on Exit 51, the Hampden location of Dangerously Delicious closed.  However, they are still serving up seriously good pie from the shop on Light Street.