I Heart Bacon But

image from istockphoto.com

Even I don’t think I would part with cold, hard, cash for most of the bacon lovin’ items on Elizabeth Large’s recent Top 10 List on The Baltimore Sun.

Bacon flavored lip balm is an accident waiting to happen y’all.  I hope the company that makes it has a healthy liability policy.

BLT scented candles are just mean.  Unless of course, a real BLT makes an appearance on a plate in front of me.  Otherwise, it’s a big tease.

However, I would totally get down with having bacon delivered to my doorstep every month.  And I imagine the dogs, cats, and other less domestic city critters that run free through my ‘hood wouldn’t mind either.

And I just don’t know what to say about this.  It looks like an accident just waiting to happen.  I don’t think my love of bacon needs to come into the bedroom.