I Heart Bacon But

image from istockphoto.com

Even I don’t think I would part with cold, hard, cash for most of the bacon lovin’ items on Elizabeth Large’s recent Top 10 List on The Baltimore Sun.

Bacon flavored lip balm is an accident waiting to happen y’all.  I hope the company that makes it has a healthy liability policy.

BLT scented candles are just mean.  Unless of course, a real BLT makes an appearance on a plate in front of me.  Otherwise, it’s a big tease.

However, I would totally get down with having bacon delivered to my doorstep every month.  And I imagine the dogs, cats, and other less domestic city critters that run free through my ‘hood wouldn’t mind either.

And I just don’t know what to say about this.  It looks like an accident just waiting to happen.  I don’t think my love of bacon needs to come into the bedroom.

10 thoughts on “I Heart Bacon But

  1. Wendi, this post made me laugh. Thanks for making me smile first thing in the morning!

    PS-My love of bacon may have been dampened by the Sherlock Holmes film. After a major pork indulgence on NYE (pork loin!) and New Year’s morning (bacon) the movie has turned me off. Ick.

    1. Really, can you imagine a bacon cooker in your bedroom? Wasn’t there a similar bit on The Office a while back with Michael Scott and a Foreman Grill? Bad idea peoples.

      I haven’t seen Sherlock Holmes…will my bacon sensibilities be offended?

      Oh, and I didn’t include the link but there are now also bacon flavored envelopes.

  2. I don’t think I can imagine a dedicated bacon cooker anywhere in my house, but definitely NOT in the bedroom! Guess it’s something for someone with a lot more square footage than me!

    And on the envelopes, my mom works for a company that makes envelopes. You should never lick envelope glue EVER, bacon flavored or not!

  3. Ha! This is funny. I love bacon but the bacon-flavored products do seem absurd to me. I’d rather have the real thing. And if I can’t, then some turkey bacon. I’ll pass on the bacon flavored lips.

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