Apple Almond Coffee Cake

Apple Almond Coffee Cake
Do you ever step back from something only to find patterns or themes emerge that you hadn’t expected?  Like not seeing the forest for the trees, sometimes the patterns in my cooking don’t become obvious to me until I’m at the computer to give them virtual life here at BAH.  And then I’m all, oh, what a coinkydink.  Of course, the Universe being what it is, it’s not a coinkydink at all.  It’s the Universe giving me an opportunity to compare and contrast.  And Universe, may I gently remind you that those compare and contrast essays were my least favorite writing assignments in school?  I’m just saying, maybe you could throw a little something different my way?  For now, we’re going to work with what we’ve got and talk about Inspired Taste’s Apple Almond Coffee Cake. Continue reading “Apple Almond Coffee Cake”