Roasted Beets

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I probably shouldn’t admit this but I am a gold medal grudge holder.  They run long and deep with me.  Cross me once and you won’t often get a chance to do so again.  Think excommunication or shunning is extreme?  That’s ok, we can agree to disagree.  The funny thing is that I hold grudges with food as readily as I do with people.  Maybe more so.

Tacos?  I’ve never forgiven you for making me violently ill when I was 12.  That was 27 years ago and I haven’t had another one since. The fact that antibiotics were involved is irrelevant to me.   Liver and onions?  Like religion, you were forced down my throat and I’ve lost all taste for you.  Barbecue and I have recently reconciled after a lengthy estrangement.  I’ve got The Mistah to thank for reuniting us and my life is better now that I’ve let go of those hard feelings.  Which brings me to beets. Continue reading “Roasted Beets”