Ice Cream Shooter

I’m usually late to try the newest, hottest, trendiest recipes.  But somehow, I found myself jumping on the Single Ingredient Ice Cream bandwagon before it passed me by.  Actually, I feel like I couldn’t turn around on the interwebs without running into it.  So I gathered the necessary ingredient(s) to see what all the fuss was about.

I thought I had found a long term replacement for Ben and Jerry’s until one of my friends pointed out that bananas are uber high on the glycymic index which means that for my South Beachish eating habits, they really aren’t the best food choice on a regular basis.  That’s a shame because with enough peanut butter and cocoa powder to mask the banana, it really is an enjoyable treat that you’d swear was ice cream.

So while I lament yet another failure in my quest to be one of the hip kidz, you might want to click on over here, and here, and here to see what all the dang fuss is about.