Today’s first random link comes via The Kitchn where they brought up a great topic…how to properly season a dish.  I confess that I usually stop after salt and spices.  Just look at how many other ways you can develop the flavor of your dish.

The second link is for folks like me who are obsessed with reusable market bags.  Now, you can have reusable produce bags in addition to your grocery bag.  I’ve never tried these myself but if they live up to their claim that “using these three bags just once a week can save as many as 150 bags a year” then that’s definitely a win-win.

Bon Appetit Hon.

Linkage 8.7.09

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I stumbled across today’s random links at The Kitchn.

The first is a great tip that may eliminate the need for flipping vegetables when they are roasted in the oven. Now why didn’t I think of that?

Second is a sweet panini that you can make even if you don’t have a press. Bonus points are awarded for the suggestions of types of bread suited to the recipe.

Bon Appetit Hon.