Wannabe Making Whoopie


Pies, y’all. Wannabe Whoppie Pies.  But that’s not what I started out to make.  Nope, not in the least.  I set out to make a Retro Recipe for Vanilla Wafers.  I’ll admit that maybe my attention was spread a little too thin.  I had orange chicken going in the kitchen, was stumbling my way through a sewing project in the dining room, and really wasn’t paying attention to Vanilla Wafers.  I creamed the butter with half of the sugar called for and didn’t realize it until all the eggs and half the flour and milk had already been added.  I then spent a good five minutes trying to figure out which would be a worse way to break the recipe – by having not enough sugar or by adding more sugar too late in the process. I decided to gamble and see what would happen if I added the rest of the sugar along with the flour.  To say that what I pulled out of the oven was not what I was expecting would be an understatement. Continue reading “Wannabe Making Whoopie”