Cover Girl

0819 so cover.indd

Remember last year’s Maryland State Fair saga?  Lesson learned.  This year’s entries were matted and framed according to MSF regulations before The Mistah and I headed off on holiday.  All I had to do was get back to the States, deliver them to the fairgrounds, and let the Wheel of Fortune decide if it was going to land on my number.  But before any of that happened, The Baltimore Guide, a community newspaper, wanted to speak with me about my experience exhibiting and competing at the Fair. I figured it would end up being some little blurb as part of a larger piece.  And then I went online to see if the article had published and found myself on the cover.  Me, a cover girl?  Go figure.

But wait, there’s more.  Page 13 to be exact. That is so not a blurb.

I won’t know for another week if any of my entries won a prize.  If they didn’t, there’s always next year.  And in the meantime, I’ve got wall space in the walk in closet that is looking a little bare.  I think these ought to fill the gaps nicely:

Blush Bushels Big Wheels Distant Sails Tilghman Island Tilghman Volunteer Fire Co.

7 thoughts on “Cover Girl

  1. Wendi, a picture is worth a thousand words, and you are my new hero, cuz you can do both – WELL! 15 minutes – uh-uh, I think this is just the beginning!

  2. I obviously am behind the time. I think I need to call to chat and get caught up on all of your adventures. Can’t wait to hear how the Fair went!

    1. Michelle, it still seems like just yesterday that I was on the phone with you almost every night. Would it scare you to know that I still remember your phone number? I’d love to chat with you. At least now I won’t spend an entire conversation talking about dumb boys or Social Planning Forms. Email me if you need the number. I want to hear all about what you’re up to.


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